Knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted

You never forget a good teacher

We all have some beloved and despised teachers. Teachers from which we got a lot of, mostly useful, knowledge, are remembered as good ones and we are glad to hear anything about them, while on the other ones we don’t want to know anything. Why is this so? This should actually know every teacher, regardless of whether the teacher is in kindergarten, elementary school, high school or college.

Teaching is a specific profession, it requires a lot of physical and mental strength. Every teacher should be willing to selflessly sacrifice. When it comes to teaching young generations, every teacher needs to know that it is not him that is important. He raises and educates people to become active members of their community in the future.

Teachers are not supposed to worry about the kind of family his disciples come from, are those families where active learning habits and adopting new knowledge exist, or ordinary working families who rarely read even the daily newspapers. Every student should have special treatment. All people are different, everyone resembles only themselves.
Someone is acquiring knowledge slower but better, the indifference of other ones who learned much faster, enabling the quantity, but no definite quality. Someone can even learn quickly and qualitatively, etc. Therefore, teachers should be thoroughly familiar with the characteristics of people.

Every teacher is not supposed to forget moral principles. Many would say that the moral principles, rules change over time and circumstances they are in, but to be honest, moral rules have never changed and never will, from time immemorial.

Also, teachers should incorporate into their students’ consciousness and awareness of God, the Creator of all that we see or do not see. Many of today (and maybe it could be exactly you?) want to put a man in the position of God, but with every new day, we can see, if we look with eyes wide open, that in general it is not, and never will be. God is not greedy, does not eat, drink, sleep, follow passions, etc. This awareness of God is closely linked with morality. There is no true morality without awareness of the Lord, the Creator of everything, visible and invisible.

By talking positive stories, about the virtues of many people who have lived or live here, among us, disciples will surely arouse the love to the commitment to work, to love for all beings. True love without admixtures of own benefit is the driver of everything positive in both, the short and the long term. We live in a time when everything is calculated for the day and/or maybe for tomorrow. There are few who are long-term planning and wish all well for all beings. They want everyone as they want themselves, or maybe even more than that.

Students need to know that they are the only vicegerent on earth, truly nothing belongs to man. If a man would think about the death, he would see that there is nothing to take with him to the grave, even if it’s something the children entered the grave, that there no use will be. That is, if a man is gone, everything he belonged, now belongs to someone else. Any possessions should be treated like that. But, certainly, it needs to be careful with possessions for which a man is responsible for, to not get in wrong hands, as with this can be done injustice to someone. Teachers should always tell students that they are not the teal owners, rather they just manage what they have. That so, they will not become greedy, and will not be what the majority of people in the world are today, greedy and narcissistic.

Students should acquire habits of casting and helping those who have nothing. In that way, their hearts will not be solid and will be a favorite in the society.


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